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Stop Browbeating – Enhance Capacity

I browbeat people when I “know” the path forward. I tell them what I want, before thinking about what they need to hear. Additionally, I pressure people when I’ve made up my mind.… Continue reading

Three Qualities Traditional Leaders Reject

Image source by Petr Kratochvil Regurgitating and recycling what you already know bores others, antiquates leadership, and destroys organizations. Get out of yourself before you shrivel and die. Growth, innovation, and future-building centers… Continue reading

Overcoming the 7 Deadly Results of Meddling

Passion for excellence, demand to meet numbers, slow progress, and fierce competition drive managers to step in and “help.” Never help without asking, it’s meddling. Ask first; ask often. Don’t reserve, “How can… Continue reading

The Secret Power of Hearing Shadows

Listening is a skill. Making someone feel heard is a gift. My dad’s first words when I told him about my new job were, “It’s not very close to home.” I was a… Continue reading

Mintzberg Rejects Macro-Leadership

“Macro-leadership is just as bad as micro-management.” Henry Mintzberg. During our conversation, Mintzberg explained that, “It’s destructive to separate management from leadership. Leaders need to get their hands dirty.” No buy in: Mintzberg… Continue reading

Why You’re Wrong and I’m Right

Image source I think what I think because it’s right. If you think differently, you’re wrong. I never intentionally think stupid ideas or chose wrong options. Do you? I always choose what I… Continue reading