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Making Dreams Matter

Dreams smolder and die unless others own them. Passion isn’t meaningful until it ignites others. Igniting passion isn’t pumping up. Pumping up: Is fun at events but manipulative as long-term strategy. Places unnecessary burden on leaders and… Continue reading

The Four Powers of Gratitude

  The gift of young leaders is unhappiness. The tragedy of old leaders is contentment. Unhappiness and discontent ignite passion for change. Warning: Slime pits of ingratitude lie just beyond unhappiness. Nothing de-motivates… Continue reading

The Struggle and Power of Divergent Values

It’s a mistake to expect everyone to fully align with your values. Shared values are never fully shared. Power of values:  Shared values are the heartbeat of vibrant organizations. Values drive decisions. Decisions… Continue reading

The Five Powers of Permission

Old styles of leadership are about giving permission to supplicants. Followers seek permission. It’s an “I/you” rather than “we” dynamic. Leaders have power while followers ask. I/you leadership is disengaging and disempowering. Leaders… Continue reading

How to Ignore Others

Curt said, “I turn away when they load accident victims in the back. If I looked, the medical team would probably have another patient. I don’t want to know what’s going on back… Continue reading

The Real Reason Teams Don’t Work

Overwork prevents teamwork. Imagine the feeling of being close to missing a deadline. At 3:00 p.m. a team mate needs your expertise on their marketing project. Are you eager to serve? Or, are… Continue reading