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When Talent Defeats

Superstars aren’t the answer they’re the problem. Isn’t it thrilling when high performers join your organization? Finally, someone can bring home the bacon like no one else. Wrong! Superstars who believe they save… Continue reading

Overcoming the Futility of Doing the Next Thing

Image source Repeating things without improving them means you’re dead in the water, stuck in the muck, dying on the vine. Don’t simply do the next thing; make it better. Leading isn’t repeating. Your… Continue reading

How Passion for Good Creates Bad

“There are two things people want more than sex and money- recognition and praise.” Mary Kay Ash, founder, Mary Kay Inc. Money matters but money without respect is dissatisfying. Always affirm worth even… Continue reading

Top Ten Marks of Lousy Leaders

Image source David Lewis, co-author of The Pin Drop Principle, told me he was exposed to poor leadership when he was in his early twenties. “Back then everything was a race and all… Continue reading

Tackling Armchair Quarterbacks

Receiving criticism indicates you’re doing something. Get used to it. Armchair quarterbacks carry the burden of knowing what should have been done. Armchair quarterbacks know what you should have done and how you… Continue reading

Something Harder than Believing in Yourself

If you think believing in yourself is hard, try believing in others. Every leadership development tool, technique, method, and strategy fades in comparison to the power of belief. Everyone needs someone who believes… Continue reading