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Those who Discourage Destroy

It’s easy to deflate others. But, it takes skill to lift people. The joy of fools is to drag down. Leaders encourage – losers discourage. Discouragement comes quickly, easily, and without thought. Encouragement – positive… Continue reading

The Surprising Side of Gaining Influence.

You can’t lead people you don’t know. Knowing others means understanding and appreciating not judging. Humility: Knowing others is first about you then about others. Humility accepts. Arrogance judges and rejects. Difference frustrates… Continue reading

In Praise of Power

Saying, “I’m the boss,” indicates you’ve lost influence and resorted to intimidation. Coercive power offends. But, power isn’t a dirty word, with it you get things done. Without power, nothing gets done. Power… Continue reading

Mintzberg on What’s Wrong with Management

Henry Mintzberg thinks modern management is off the tracks. While we spoke, I got the feeling if I asked what’s wrong with management he’d say practically everything. This from one of the most… Continue reading

Mintzberg’s Magic Wand

I asked Professor Henry Mintzberg, author of 140 articles and 13 books, “If you waved a magic wand over businesses, what would you change?” He said, “I’d get rid of all MBA’s.” He… Continue reading