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How to Multiply the Impact of your Talent and Strength

Sometimes you feel people are the problem. Not everyone enriches the team. Some require inordinate attention. Others never get to the point of positive contribution. You begin to feel that people are more… Continue reading

The Secret Power of Hearing Shadows

Listening is a skill. Making someone feel heard is a gift. My dad’s first words when I told him about my new job were, “It’s not very close to home.” I was a… Continue reading

Finding Extraordinary Success

After the open house ceremony, I looked Doug (far left) in the eye and said, “I was thinking about you as I drove in. The difference between average and extraordinary isn’t power or… Continue reading

The Disaster of Big Mouths and Small Ears

Leaders fail when their mouths are too big and their ears are too small. Listening is powerful because it informs talking. The only way leaders know what to say is to listen. Great leadership… Continue reading