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Blind spots

There’s a blind spot in your car’s mirror.  It’s the spot where mean drivers hide so they can blare the horn and scare you to death when you crowd into their lane.  Like mirrors people have blind spots.

Personal blind spots are things that others easily see in us but we don’t or won’t see in ourselves.   Everyone has them.  People tell me one of my blind spots is an ability to bowl people over without trying.  But, I don’t see it.  😉

Blind spots spring from over estimating our positive traits and under estimating our “less” positive traits.  Additionally, confident people may tend to project legitimate confidence into illegitimate “omni-confidence.”   This happens in our house when I think I know how to cook!  And here’s a third potential source of blind spots.  We tend to take greater responsibility for successes than we do for failures.

Whatever the cause, we all have  blind spots that obstruct our highest success.

Remember this one, “You’re just like your mother?”  You can shine a light on blind spots by accepting what others say about you.

Leaders reach higher by listening to the ways they are described and believing there is some truth in the description.

Feel free to leave a comment.  What other ways can we shine a light on our blind spots?

Leadership Freak,

Dan Rockwell

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