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Don’t narrow the dream expand the team

One day long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away; you dreamed of greatness.  You dreamed of a successful business, helping hundreds or thousands of others, or earning a position of powerful influence.

Maybe over time you lost your dream.  One too many failures broke the camel’s back.  One too many frustrations, responsibilities, or limitation put the last nail in your dream’s coffin.  You’ve given up.  You’ve settled.

Maybe your dream died because you tried to achieve it on your own.

Great dreams require great teams.

I just finished meeting with a young man who is becoming part of a “dream team.”  I explained where I want to go.  I let him know what’s in it for him.  I laid out the possibilities of giving back to others.  I told him stories that illustrate how the dream can be achieved.  I’m inviting him to dream with me and dream for himself.  He’s in!

I can’t achieve my dream alone and neither can you.  If you can, your dream is too small.

Leaders don’t narrow the dream they expand the team.

How could a person expand their team?

Leadership Freak,

Dan Rockwell

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