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Stop gaining followers start growing leaders

Do you forget what’s important? Sadly, I do.

I’m thankful a new friend from India made a comment about gaining leaders rather than gaining followers. He reminded me my personal priority isn’t followers it’s leaders. My blog says, “Helping leaders reach higher in 300 words or less.”


I believe high impact leaders succeed by going beyond gaining followers to growing leaders.

You can become a person who grows leaders if you:

#1. Purposely choose serving over being served.

#2. Intentionally embrace the values, mission, and vision of others. I’m not suggesting you jettison your own values. However high impact leaders step outside themselves and into others. For example, limiting my focus to leaders in the not-for-profit sector narrows my opportunities.

#3. Learn from others. I find leaders enjoy sharing their experiences, successes, and wisdom. Every time you learn from another leader, honor them. Honor opens the door to influence.

#4. Don’t demand immediate return on your investment. Do believe broader connections create broader value-adding opportunities.

#5. Use selfishness to point the way. I know better, but I find selfishness runs deep in my heart. I’m not proud of how frequently I think of the benefit I might receive from giving to others. It’s short-sighted but, I still do it. The hidden benefit of selfishness is it points to what I should give others. For example, wanting honor is the signal to give honor.

#6. Take the back seat. Prepare others for leadership then step back. Stepping back so others can step forward taps hidden potential and creates high growth opportunities. Young leaders learn to lead by leading.

#7. Be you. Share your joys and sorrows, successes and failures.


I’m excited to read your suggestions on how to become a person who grows leaders.


Leadership Freak,

Dan Rockwell

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