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Juggle: Rethink Work-Reclaim Your Life

I read Ian Sanders’ book, “Juggle-Rethink Work Reclaim your Life,” on a flight from Philadelphia to Denver. Previous to Ian’s book, I’d been reading about work-life balance. With that in mind, consider the basic premise of “Juggle.”

“And forget about Work/Life Balance, it’s more Work/Play Integration, it’s about mixing it all up.”

I enjoy surprises so I kept reading and I’m glad I did. Ian advocates for rich life in the present, not in the future. He dares to say the truth that “life = work.” He’s against compartmentalized living and for integrated living. It may sound bizarre to you and if it does I suggest you read the book.

Juggle has four parts. Part 1-Rethink work: Bust some myths. For example, success is about doing one thing and work is done in an office. Part 2-Redsign your life: Think Juggle. Topics include, Think constant reinvention and be authentic.

The last two parts teach you how to become a juggler. Part 3-How to do it all: Juggle Tactics. Among many other things, Ian explains how to get connected and how to get unplugged.  Finally, Part 4-How to have it all: Juggle Lifestyle. You’ll read about retiring retirement and the work you = the real you.

Some favorite quotes:

– The reality of career development is that it tends to be more organic than strategic.

– Swap power for choice and you’ll have greater job satisfaction.

– What is the value of a perfectionist who doesn’t ever finish a project …

– Remember, you’re not going to have those eureka moments at your desk.

– Whatever your retirement goals, start incorporating them into your life now.

In some places “Juggle” is obvious, in others it’s inspiring. It helped me think about my real desires in life.

Two thumbs up.

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