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Knowing too much

(This post isn’t part of the “Alphabet for Leaders” series)

Ever meet a know it all? Everything you say they already know or have out done. Then there are the add-to’ers. These folks listen and then add to whatever you’ve said. Oh and don’t forget the mind readers who not only hear your comments but know your true motives. These folks know what you really meant to say!

There is too much knowing going around.

Ever have someone make a decision about you based on false interpretations? It’s likely they’ll always judge you by a false standard.

There’s too much knowing going around.

I know too much. I pigeon-hole, reinterpret, and categorize with the supposed knowledge of the All-Mighty.

We all know the answers to knowing too much.

#1. Withhold judgment

“Not all behavior is good or bad. Some of it is simply neutral. Neither good or bad.” Marshall Goldsmith

#2. Ask questions

#3. Assume positive motivations until proven otherwise

Life is richer when we draw lines slowly. Relationships are more stable when we assume the best until proven otherwise. Knowledge flows freely when judgments are withheld. Other’s feel your respect when you ask clarifying questions.


What suggestions can you offer “those other folks” who know too much?


Leadership Freak,

Dan Rockwell

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