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You want something new but you’re afraid

Yesterday I had a conversation with a person who longs for something more than what they are currently doing. They feel trapped. Current responsibilities wall them in. They fear taking a leap into something new. They can’t risk losing what they have in order to gain what they don’t have.

Current obligations and responsibilities pressure us to stick with things we may hate. All the while, hidden below the surface the dream languishes. What’s a person to do?

First, realize leaders long for something more. Dissatisfaction may indicate a leader lurks within you. However, here’s a warning. Lazy people are frequently unhappy with their lives. If you’re lazy, you aren’t a leader.

Second, can you begin your new thing without letting go of an old thing? Is chasing your dream an all or nothing proposition? If it’s not an all or nothing proposition, set the wheels in motion.

Third, gather advisors and talk things over. Share the vision and have action oriented conversations. Convincing others your dream can work is essential to pulling the trigger. Leaders and innovators always convince others their dreams work.

Fourth, don’t wait for perfect solutions. Perfection is the enemy of progress. Have enough confidence that you can solve unforeseen problems. In addition, realize course corrections are the rule not the exception.

You shouldn’t follow every dream or idea. However, if the ache for something new is deep and persistent it may be time to gradually pull the trigger.


How can someone pull the trigger on an idea without neglecting current responsibilities?

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