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Next level meetings

The organization I lead is having a “next level” meeting. The leadership team, other key leaders, coordinators, and volunteers are attending a two hour power-packed experience.

Goals of next level meetings

Goal #1: Establish the core calendar of nonnegotiable events and activities in 2011-12.

Goal #2: Identify strategies and program-enhancements that propel individual divisions to the next level and beyond.

Reasons the meeting could fail

#1. We could fail if we compare ourselves with our progress rather than our potential. It’s easy for organizations or individuals to compare their current improved state with the past. It’s comfortable and satisfying. It’s death to exponential progress.

#2. We could fail if we evaluate future strategies and enhancements in light of current resources. Most organizations already maximize their resources. Focusing on current resources chokes out the next level.

Reasons the meeting will succeed

#1. We’ll succeed by bringing the outside in. We’ve set up a video skype call with the leader of a growing organization that is successfully reaching the next level. He’ll share his experiences, offer suggestions, and answer questions.

#2. We’ll succeed by engaging in cross-functional conversations. For example, the media team sharing their perspective on how the guest relations team could leverage media to take their team to the next level.

#3. We’ll succeed because all team leaders will have a meeting before the meeting to prepare and develop strategies that bring out the best idea.

#4. We’ll succeed by leaving the meeting with clearly identified steps that start us down the path to the next level.


What might cause  the next level meeting to fail?

What are the key success factors for a next level meeting?



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