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Community Update 01/15/2011

I’ve opened a Leadership Freak fan page on Facebook, “Leadership Freak Coffee Shop.” It’s your opportunity to shape future posts, offer suggestions, share insights and give back to others. The Facebook page is not a repeat of the Leadership Freak (LF) blog. Stop in and share your thoughts. I’m listening. You can enhance Leadership Freak influence by clicking “Like” to join.

Numbers continue to grow. Views are up 30% from December. Typically LF has more views in one day than it did the entire month of January, 2010. Readership spans the globe. Thanks for your support and participation. If you find LF useful, I hope you’ll invite your colleagues and friends to subscribe. Reading LF takes about 90 seconds. You could change a person’s day.

Additionally, there have been over 6,000 comments over the last year. I read and enjoy every comment. For example, recently Ajay and Al expanded my thinking by explaining the scope and limits of passion.

Ajay wrote: “I think when passion is to achieve tangible things, then it usually blinds the person. On the other hand, when it is based on intangible things like creation of trust, reputation, knowledge building and doing something impossible which is not directly connected to any material gains, then it does not blind.”

Al added, “I tend to agree with Ajay’s take on this however, and differentiate motivation from passion. Perhaps we are just “dancing” around semantics here but I believe the distinction is important.”

You can read their insights in the comments on “Passion Blinds You.

Finally, I’ve begun doing a limited amount of coaching and consulting in the leadership and social media arena. Drop me a note if I can be helpful at

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