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Opening Windows

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Wisdom is simple not complex.

Yesterday, Lolly Daskal called me to discuss one of her upcoming initiatives. During our conversation the slippery topic of my own plans for the future came up. I mentioned how easy it is to help others make plans and decisions and how hard it is to do it for myself. Her response became an open window.

“If you are a person who likes to help others…and you find it difficult to help yourself…then treat your work – your business- your problems like you are helping someone else. As you know it is always easier to help another than it is to help yourself.”

A window opener

I remember the first client I coached – a high potential manager that was stalled. Two conversations later she found herself in new ways and reconnected with her own possibilities.  Somehow it’s easy to help others. Lolly’s suggestion helps me talk with myself the same way I talk with others.

I still believe everyone needs an outside voice to reach their highest potential. However, finding our own voice is central to finding and embracing our highest path.

Everyone has emotional baggage that makes them reactive rather than proactive. Lolly’s suggestion helps me become impersonal with myself. Creating “client Dan” is my chance to create and examine options with greater freedom and objectivity.

It’s a simple idea. But for me, it was an open window.

In hope of open windows

Enter every conversation wondering if someone might say something that opens a window. You never know…

Opening the window for others

One way you can open windows for others is by listening and then saying back what you heard. When people hear what you think they said, it creates opportunities to more fully embrace, reject, or rethink their own thoughts.


How can leaders help themselves and others find, embrace, and own their potential?


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