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If you were Magnificent

The problem with many leaders is they’re goal driven. Goals are great but they don’t last. Worse yet, goals don’t create magnificent unified communities that maximize your potential.

I didn’t get a vision for having vision until about three years ago. Before then my life was filled with short term goals and once-and-done activities.

Conversations with Ken Blanchard and Jesse Stoner taught me vision exceeds goals like paintings exceed brush strokes. Individual splashes of color dramatically fill blank canvas. However, meaning requires completed paintings.

Monday evening, Jesse explained to me the four components of meaningful vision. Yesterday I posted the first two.

  1. Noble purpose.
  2. Shared values.
  3. A powerful picture. What does the dream look like? You don’t have a vision until you can describe it. Jesse asked, “If we were magnificent, what would we look like? What does the community look like when it’s fulfilling the dream?”

    You have vision when you’re
    captured by your magnificence.

    Not self-centered, self-serving magnificence. “Enriching the world” magnificence.

  4. Purposeful place. What’s your role in the greater whole? Powerful pictures require individual splashes of color. Where’s your splash?

You have vision when you’re in the picture.

Jesse put it this way, “There are no passive passengers on the bus, everyone participates. Actually, others drive the bus.”


It sounds easy but crafting vision is highly focused, hard work. You won’t get there by accident.

On the wall at Smithsonian Freer Gallery of Art in Washington DC hangs a painting by Thomas Dewing, “Girl with Lute. It’s my favorite painting in the world. The unifying effect of individual splashes of color takes my breath away.

Taken as a whole, noble purpose, shared values, powerful picture, and captivating place enable breath taking magnificence.


How can individuals and leaders create and communicate meaningful vision?


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