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Passion is Your Problem


Your passion to make a difference makes you do too much. Sincerity is a curse when it turns you into a leaf blown around by the latest possibility for positive impact. Unfocused passion frustrates and dilutes you and your potential.

Doing less enables more. The fewer things you do the better you can be at what you do. But how can you do less in a world of possibilities.

Give yourself to the thing that sustains you. Give yourself to something that gives back to you.

My grandparents took me to Sunday School when I was a kid. It was there I heard about the conversation Jesus had with a woman at a well in Samaria. It was noon; he was tired and hungry from the journey. His followers had gone into town to buy lunch.

By the time they returned the conversation with the woman was over. She was gone. But the effect of the conversation lingered. Jesus told his disciples he wasn’t hungry any more. He was reenergized.

Finding your true passion:

  1. Following too many passions exhausts and defeats you. Follow fewer passions so you can find and fulfill your true passion.
  2. Give your energy to things that give you energy.
  3. Courageously stop things that persistently drain you. I’m not talking about rash irresponsibility. I’m talking about letting go of what’s good so you can embrace what’s great. Your greatness gives you energy.

Getting real:

Correcting someone may not energize you. Terminating someone may be exhausting. The fundamental idea stands. Do more of what energizes you and less of what drains you.


Self-awareness and self-reflection show the way. You listen to others; take time to listen to you. Warren Bennis put it this way, “Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself.”

How can leaders fight through the clutter to find their true passion, that which gives them energy?

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