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The Single Greatest Gift Successful Leaders Give

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I’ve seen frustrated leaders say things like, “That’s the way it’s going to be.” It’s their end game when confused or resistant people push them. It works with two year olds who fear punishment. It works with employees who have a high need to please. Regardless, leadership by decree indicates loss of leadership.

Warning signs:

  1. Why are we changing?
  2. Where are we going?
  3. I don’t know why we bother doing this.
  4. What’s the reason for this procedure?

These questions and others like them indicate confusion. Confusion destroys influence. Act quickly or you’ll be tempted to treat people like two year olds, “Mommy says it’s going to be that way.”


Ambiguity drains. Lack of clarity paralyzes. I’ve had that – trapped in the corner and the walls are pressing in – feeling. I bet you have too. Why do we feel that way?

We feel trapped when we can’t see the path to success. One thing is certain, regardless of the definition, everyone wants to succeed, everyone.

Leaders create clarity by pressing through confusion, not running from it. Confusion is opportunity.

Definition determines direction:

Leaders define success before it happens. By doing so, you point the way. If you can’t clearly define success in language that connects, you’re running in circles.

The greatest gift:

Clarity is the greatest gift you give.


  1. Frees people.
  2. Focuses energy.
  3. Facilitates small wins.
  4. Fuels momentum.

Simplicity creates clarity. Ask, “How can I simplify my message?”


What suggestions for creating clarity do you have?

What do leaders do that causes confusion?


More on Clarity: “15 Potent Strategies for Fighting Confusion


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