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Highlights from day one of The Global Leadership Summit:

Bill Hybels:

  1. The leaders most valuable asset isn’t time its energy and the ability to energize others. Leaders manage energy.
  2. Arrange your schedule around six priorities that you’re shooting to accomplish in six weeks. (6X6)
  3. You’re not a leader to respond to stuff. You’re a leader to move stuff ahead.
  4. Create dissatisfaction first. Don’t paint a picture of “there” until you’ve made the case for why we can’t stay “here.” (My personal favorite.)

Jim Collins:

  1. Fanatic discipline is consistent, consecutive, performance. Don’t save your best efforts for the best conditions. Reach your goal everyday regardless of conditions. “The 20 mile march.”
  2. “The signature of mediocrity is chronic inconsistency.”
  3. Fire bullets to calibrate a line of sight and then fire cannonballs.
  4. Creativity is natural discipline is not.
  5. Greatest danger is not failure it is being successful without knowing why.
  6. Ask yourself, “What is the best way to leverage the unexpected.”
  7. Bad events are defining moments.
  8. “Greatness is not a matter of circumstances.”
  9. Determine your real purpose by asking, “Who would miss us if we were gone and why.”
  10. Organizations are not truly great if they can’t be great without you.

Condoleezza Rice:

  1. Optimism is the essential leadership quality.
  2. “No one wants to follow a sour puss.”
  3. Things that once seemed impossible become inevitable in retrospect.

Marc Keilburger: (Co-CEO, Me to We)

  1. Most senior leaders under-communicate mission and vision by a factor of ten.
  2. Impact in the world is the result of aligning your gift/ability/talent with an issue.
  3. Look for young people who have empathy.
  4. Show don’t tell.
  5. Embrace shameless idealism.
  6. Take people out of their comfort zone.

Which ideas get traction in your thinking? Why?

Freak alert: I’m at the The Global Leadership Summit. It’s likely I’ll be posting once or twice more today.

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