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Vitality through Events

The more public an event the more potential it has to create organizational momentum and add value to others.

Yesterday, I met with two leaders who bring events from planning to execution within the organization I lead. One is best at planning and day-of-event execution. The other excels at managing the process leading up to execution. Here’s what they tell me about bring events from birth to execution.

Birth to Execution:

  1. Determine the event.
  2. Establish the goal and budget.
  3. Identify the champion. Who’s the passionate lead-person? The emphasis is on passionate.
  4. Clarify and establish the date. What’s happening in the community? What other organizational events are planned? Are venues available?
  5. Map the event. What’s the program?
  6. Identify key elements that require oversight and management; marketing, budget, entertainment, and refreshments or food, for example.
  7. Establish deadlines.
  8. Reports and accountability along the way.
  9. Manage the event.
  10. Debrief. What did we learn?

Other issues:

From my point of view:

  1. Does the event align with organizational mission and vision?
  2. Do we have adequate human and financial resources? I always ask, who are the horses in the barn and where can they take us.
  3. Is the result worth the effort? I always look for efficient organizational wins.
  4. Encourage the team along the way.
  5. Congratulate the team when it’s over.

Event champions:

Success begins with event-champions.

The right people pull you forward.
The wrong people drag everyone down.

  1. Does this event align with the champions passion.
  2. Who suggested the event? Could they champion the event? Warning: people who suggest events may not be skilled at making them happen.
  3. What skills are required?

Bonus: Establish short time lines. Short timelines create urgency but not so short as to create mediocrity. Distant deadlines create lethargy. Many events die in meetings before they happen because of long timelines.


What suggestions can you offer for bringing events from birth to execution?

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