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Igniting Change from the Middle

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Passion for positive change drives people crazy, especially those in the middle of organizations.

People at the bottom go along to get along. They won’t change until they’re sure top leadership supports change.

But, what if those at the top fear change?

The passionate-middle feels paralyzed by lack of interest or support from top leadership.

Igniting change:

  1. Act before talking. Model the way. Do what you hope others will do.
  2. Don’t ask do. Push the edges of your authority and responsibility. Don’t wait for permission.
  3. Don’t tell. Stop telling those over you what they should do. They resist when they feel pushed. Do it yourself.

The fearful-top are followers.

The fearful-top won’t lead change because they fear losing what they have. They embrace change after you make it work. That’s not all bad.


Thinking frustrates the passionate-middle. The formula for frustration is, thinking about what could be combined with fearful-leaders.

Fearing your leaders makes you the fearful-middle.

Follow positive passion:

Find ways of thinking that enthuse rather than frustrate. Peruse behaviors that bring joy. The path grows darker if you can’t find ways to enjoy it.

What would you enjoy doing, next?

All or nothing:

Never allow what you can’t do obscure what you can.


Make a hero every time you see behaviors that create the preferred future. You can’t celebrate too much.

The right leaders:

Spend time with those passionate about change. Stop focusing on foot draggers.


The “passionate-middle” is a treasure to any organization. Where would they be without you? Don’t give up.

How can the passionate-middle ignite the fires of change?

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