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Create Culture by Celebrating Small

celebrate more celebrate small

Hate your work environment? Build rather than tear down. Whining reinforces negative environments. Celebrations build and reinforce positive environments.

Celebrations create culture.

Sadly, short-sighted leaders are stingy with positives and free with negatives. All they talk about is:

  1. What went wrong?
  2. What needs to be fixed?
  3. What fell short?

Negative celebrations build negative environments.

Additionally, thoughtless leaders  reserve celebrations for “the big stuff.”

Celebrate more; celebrate small.

Celebratory questions:

Ask these questions to colleagues and employees.

  1. What qualities do you respect in those around you?
  2. What do you love about your job?
  3. What’s going right?

Celebration in meetings:

End every meeting with affirmations, congratulations, and recognition.

Saying, “Great job,” keeps everyone doing a great job.

Power tip: Let small celebrations stand on their own. Little negatives at the end drain positives of their power.

Celebrate small:

  1. Smiles.
  2. Pleasant attitudes. “Your positive attitude lifts the spirit in our office.” Don’t add, “You should try it more often.”
  3. Laughter. “I love the sound of your laugh.”
  4. Kindness.
  5. Generosity.
  6. Things others do that you can’t. “You’re great with upset customers.” Don’t add, “I wish I was.”
  7. Happy customers.
  8. The present. Don’t let past failure or future uncertainties prevent celebrating now.
  9. Human contact and relationships.
  10. Insights. The next time someone shares something they learned from a book, celebrate. Perhaps you don’t get it. They do, so celebrate.

Bonus: Transform criticism into celebration. “Thanks for caring for my success. What’s the next step?”


How do people feel when you’re around? Your answer explains the culture you’re building. Truth is, it explains the life you’re building.

How can leaders celebrate more and celebrate small?

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