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How to be Humble without being a Loser

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Hideous leadership is hedonistic, haughty, haphazard, hypocritical, hesitant, and halfhearted.

The four weaknesses of haughty leadership.

Haughty leaders:

  1. Harpoon creativity with bureaucracy. Arrogance needs control.
  2. Hassel progress by hounding and meddling. Hovering leaders create hesitant cultures.
  3. Hamper initiative by speaking for others. Invite those who have ideas to present them in meetings themselves, regardless of their organizational position or status. Pride speaks for others.
  4. Create havoc though lack of clarity. People stumble over each other until roles and responsibilities are defined. Havoc results from ignorance, neglect, or cowardice. Role-confusion is most useful in blaming cultures.

Haughty leadership harpoons, hassles, hampers, and creates havoc.

The seven strengths of humble leadership.

Humble leaders:

  1. Honor others. Never hint when giving honor.
  2. Heed advice. Humility huddles up and listens intently. Ignoring others has everything to do with arrogance and nothing to do with how ears work. Hubris stops hearing.
  3. Help others win.
  4. Heal wounds. “I was wrong” opens doors to making things right. Arrogance blames. Never hedge when owning fault.
  5. Harness strengths in others. Humility loves strength in others, but arrogance is threatened.
  6. Hasten success by dealing quickly with faults, failures, and obstacles. Hubris hides; humility explores and acknowledges.
  7. Hold themselves and others accountable.

Humble leadership honors, heeds, helps, harnesses, and hastens success.

How to be humble:

Humility is both a behavior and an attitude. Behaviors are easier than attitudes. Additionally, attitudes often follow behaviors. In other words, behave your way into humility.

  1. Calm down and chill out. Passion and excitement aren’t the same. Passion endures. Excitement fades. Humility is steady.
  2. Thank more.
  3. Explore deeply; withhold judgment. Give others opportunities to explain, defend, and advocate for ideas.
  4. Celebrate the strengths of others. Making others look strong doesn’t make you look weak. Celebrate your own strengths too.

Humility is always pursued, never attained. If you arrived you haven’t.

How can leaders behave their way into humility?

How do you spot hubris in leaders?

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