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Go Large: Think People Before Resources

Tom Hanks

Discouragement is easy. Igniting fires takes wisdom and work.

Success always begins with who before what.

Kindling great fires:

Small before large.

Stop waiting for explosive fires. Start small ones now!

Explosive opportunities require extensive resources. Leaders, who refuse to start small, whine about lack of resources. Waiting for what could be destroys what can be now.

Every great movement began with people.
Resources and programs matter, but people matter more.

Never allow dreams of dramatic results to seduce from current people-opportunities.

Passion before talent.

One passionate person excels fifty talented wet logs.

Every organization has cold wet logs in it. It doesn’t matter what you do, they’ll never ignite. Ignoring wet logs extends their negative influence.

Provide time to adopt,
but create a get-in-or-get-out culture.

How much engagement is enough? Progress – forward movement – is enough. Fence straddling and resistance are unacceptable.

The best thing to do with content wet logs is toss them out.

Find dry kindling.
Start small fires.
Don’t waste time igniting wet logs.

Look for:

  1. Underutilized people. Give permission – show paths – provide opportunities – fan embers.
  2. Frustrated participants, but willing to try.
  3. Eager contributors looking for positive impact. Never marginalize passionate people with “dumb” ideas.
  4. Skills, aptitudes, or knowledge that applies. They don’t need to know everything but they need to know something.
  5. Humble spirits willing to learn. Know-it-alls are useless, demotivating wet logs.
  6. Enough ego to believe they could make a difference.
  7. Ready to show up.
  8. Willing to dedicate time and energy.
  9. Prepared to say no to conflicting opportunities.
  10. Belief in the mission.

Go large by thinking people before resources. It’s easy to douse flames. Successful leaders kindle fires. Your future is about people not projects.

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Who kindled your fire?

How can leaders ignite others?

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