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Limericks for Leaders


There’s an inverse relationship between smiles and importance. As importance goes up, smiles go down. Truly important leaders seldom smile. Frankly, some days, I’m way too important.

For self-centered leaders:

There once was a leader named Jim

Who thought it all was about him.

He took all the glory

From everyone’s story.

So all of his people turned grim.


For  leaders who love meetings:

There once was a leader named Keating

Who fell in love with long meetings.

His people were bored

And some of them snored.

They wished they could just have a beating.


For self-centered managers:

A manager lived in the city

Who thought he was handsome and witty.

He did little work

He was really a jerk.

Now isn’t that just a big pity.


People don’t tell you the truth:

There once was a leader named Mary

Whose nostrils were large and quite hairy.

Her people all stared

But, none of them dared,

To tell her she looked strange and scary.


Bonus true joke:

My wife told me, “People who already know can’t be taught.”

I paused a moment and said, “I know.”

Got a limerick, silly joke, or funny story?

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