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17 Ways to Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges

It’s Sunday afternoon. While others are relaxing, Monday weighs on your mind. You’re preparing to meet the problems, opportunities, issues, and challenges waiting on your desk.

Most leadership conversations involve:

  1. Someone needing something.
  2. Tensions between team mates.
  3. Pressure from stakeholders.
  4. Opportunities waiting to be seized.
  5. Resources that are inadequate.

Leaders work through issues others just complain about.

17 ways to face tomorrow’s challenges:

  1. Look for bottom up movement. Where does the team want to go? Take people where they want to go – within the confines of mission, vision, and values.
  2. Welcome the frustrations of others as expression of their passion. Explore don’t ignore frustration.
  3. Avoid solving problems for people. Leaders who solve-for spawn dependency.
  4. Declare your heart. Lower the harsh exterior and let everyone see you care deeply.
  5. Spend time with core contributors. Understand their passions. Fuel their fire.
  6. Eliminate hindrances and roadblocks. Make success easier.
  7. Give permission, authority, and support.
  8. Don’t talk about anything you aren’t going to do something about.
  9. Remember that some people need to talk. Listen and ask, “What can we do?”
  10. Explore and develop your plans with mentors, trusted colleagues, coaches, and advisers.
  11. Open your mind. You’ve formed opinions based on partial information.
  12. Relax. Avoid the tendency to slip into unproductive strategies like pressuring people.
  13. Make short-term decision that facilitate forward movement now. (Keep long-term vision in mind.)
  14. Smile when the next problem rises up. Turn problems into opportunities.
  15. Encourage key contributors. The people on your team hear problems and face pressures all the time, too.
  16. Invite others to compensate for your weaknesses.
  17. Identify wins. Celebrate when they happen.

Most importantly, bring yourself to the challenges with forward-facing optimism. You don’t have to be an exuberant cheerleader. But, you have to believe you can make things better.

Which strategies are most relevant for you as you prepare to face a new week?

How can you face Monday with forward-facing optimism?


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