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The Three Most Dangerous Mistakes Leaders Make

It’s easy to learn from mistakes when you’re inventing light bulbs, but leaders work with people not bulbs.

Leadership mistakes:

  1. Waste resources.
  2. Squander opportunities.
  3. Misuse talent.
  4. Hurt people.

The worst part of making mistakes is hurting others.

The three most dangerous mistakes leaders make:

Patrick Lencioni was asked to present at the Global Leadership Summit 2014 (#GLS2014) on the biggest mistakes leaders make. Here’s what he said.

#1. Becoming a leader for the wrong reason.

“Most people want to be known as the person who changed the world. That’s a very dangerous reason to become a leader. People should want to become a leader because they want to sacrifice themselves for the good of others even when they know there is no ROI.” Patrick Lencioni at (#GLS2014)

To aspire to lead is to aspire to serve.

“I’m tired of hearing about servant leadership, because I don’t think there is any other kind.” Lencioni #GLS2014

#2. Failing to embrace vulnerability.

  1. I don’t think you can be too vulnerable as a leader.
  2. People don’t want leaders to be perfect, they want leaders to be human.
  3. When you as a leader can be genuinely butt naked with people, then they will walk through walls of fire for you.

#3. Making leadership too important.

“Ask your family – do you think that I think my job is more important than you?” Lencioni #GLS2014

The greatest loss of leadership is losing yourself to your role.

Which leadership mistakes are most dangerous?

What other dangerous leadership mistakes can you add to the list?

*I’m attending the Global Leadership Summit 2014. This post interrupts the Dictionary for Leaders series.

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