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10 Ways to Deal with the Sucky Side of Work

When work sucks, life sucks. You like to think work doesn’t define you, but it sure feels like it.

How much suck is too much?

How much:

Every job has a dark side. Maybe you love the “real” work and hate the paperwork. Perhaps one colleague drives you nuts, but most don’t.

I recently asked a group of supervisors, “How much bad can you tolerate before all of work feels dark?” They felt anything more than 30% dark makes all of work dark.

You should enjoy at least 70% (5.6 hours) of an 8 hour workday.

10 ways to deal with the sucky side of work:

  1. Make a list of the things you enjoy about work. Bad is stronger than good. Have you let a few bad things pollute the good?
  2. How does your current job align with life’s purpose?
  3. Spend more time being grateful. Attitude is about you not them.
  4. Accept what is. Ruthlessly evaluate where you are and, more importantly, where you’re going. Failures stop at pointing out negative realities.
  5. Define better and take imperfect steps to get there. Stop talking yourself out of doing things that might not work. If there’s reasonable certainty, go for it.
  6. Are there enough positive relationships to offset negatives?
  7. Control what you can. Frustration goes up when you focus on things you can’t control.
  8. Don’t be known as a whiner – be known as a positive solution-finder.
  9. Is your work respected by higher-ups?
  10. Don’t lose your job before you find a job. You have to eat.

How much suck is too much?

How can leaders help others enjoy work, even though it includes a dark side?

Facebook fans respond: On any given day, how much of your job should you enjoy in order to say that you enjoy your job?

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