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4 Ways to Defeat the Voice of Experience

The negative result of experience is a closed mind.

You think you can win in the present, because you won in the past. But, disaster waits for everyone who faces new challenges with business-as-usual strategies.


The voice of experience says, “We’ve always done it that way.”

Experienced warriors told *David to face Goliath using traditional strategies. Take a sword, shield, and armour and stand toe-to-toe with the giant. They knew it was suicide, but suggested it anyway.


Past success gives the illusion of competence in the present.

Experienced soldiers were unwilling to face the giant, but they thought they knew the secret to David’s success.

Experienced leaders feel they can tell others how to reach challenging goals, even though they’re aren’t doing it themselves.

Those who aren’t doing it, think they know how to do it.

Unexpected results:

Old methods never deliver unexpected results.

An inexperienced warrior defeated a towering giant because he was true to himself and used methods that made sense to him.

Plan to fail if you use tried and true methods to achieve unexpected results.

How to defeat the voice of experience:

  1. Realize past success blinds leaders to new methods.
  2. Invite outsiders into the conversation. Who thought shepherding mixed with warfare?
  3. Embrace unexpected methods. Exponential success demands unexpected methods. If you keep doing the same thing, you will achieve the same results.
  4. Remember the same people sitting around the same table deliver the same results.

Everyone laughed at David’s bravado because they judged him through the eyes of experience. They couldn’t imagine the power of a simple unexpected approach.

Let the people doing the job figure out the best way to do the job.

Great achievements are accomplished by people who do things their way, not someone else’s.

How might the voice of experience limit potential?
How might leaders defeat the limiting side of experience?

*I Samuel 17

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