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7 Ways to Become a Respected Leader

You don’t need position when people respect you.

Respect amplifies leadership.

Leaders who aren’t respected, depend on position, power, authority, and control.

Respect and influence:

You have the most influence with those who respect you most.

If people respect you, serve them. The more others respect you, the more your service matters.

7 ways to become a respected leader:

  1. Make people feel good about themselves. Think how special they are, not how special you are. When people think you’re special, make them feel special.
  2. Make things better, not worse. Work to solve the issues you bring up. Children look to others for solutions. Big boys and girls take the bull by the horns.
  3. Reach out first. The greater the distance you bridge, the more power of influence you possess. If you have position, people may be reluctant to reach out to you. Reach out to them.
  4. Show tenderness while dealing with tough issues.
  5. Offer help without taking over. People don’t respect you when you help too soon and too much.
  6. Get your hands dirty. Embrace servant-leadership.
  7. Practice and honor behaviors that reflect shared values. People who value generosity don’t want to hear about what you’re doing for yourself, for example.

Bonus: Don’t ask for respect, extend it.

7 ways to earn respect if you’re new or young:

  1. Honor the work of those who came before you.
  2. Honor the work of those around you.
  3. Avoid gossip. Someone will give you the opportunity to badmouth others. Don’t take it.
  4. Make things better not worse. (#3 above.) You’re going to see things you don’t like. Every time you feel like complaining, make something better.
  5. Deliver great results.
  6. Do what you say. Apologize if you fall short and quickly make it right.
  7. Listen.

How might leaders earn respect?


Coaching-managers earn respect while achieving results.

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