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How to Spiral Up Not Down

Repetition forms patterns. Patterns define the future.

Successful leaders are repeaters.

Don’t repeat:

  1. Gossip. Repeated words seem truer, even when they’re not. Gossip weakens relationships.
  2. Criticism. Disapproval is more powerful than approval. Repeated criticism is a sledgehammer. Repeating criticism means:
    1. You’re an ineffective leader.
    2. What you’re doing isn’t working. Change strategies.
    3. It’s time to move people to different roles.
    4. A new system or higher accountability may be appropriate.
    5. Teammates need development.
    6. Someone needs to go.
  3. Complaints. Grumblers lead apprehensive teams. Complaints without solutions drain energy, stifle creativity, and solidify the status quo.

Repeat what matters not what’s wrong.


Create repeat-worthy phrases by adding:

  1. Solutions.
  2. Vision.
  3. Purpose.

Repeat things that take others higher.

Repeat-worthy phrases:

  1. You have more in you.
  2. I respect ….
  3. How may I help?
  4. What’s next? (My personal favorite.)
  5. I’m making the most of this opportunity.
  6. Thanks for the extra effort.
  7. Tell me more.

Repetition is:

  1. Dynamic not boring.
  2. Validating.
  3. Direction making.
  4. Environment creating.

Repeat things that solve, rather than validate, problems.

In large part, organizations follow the words leaders repeat.

What words are best used sparingly?

What words or phrases take leaders where they want to go?


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