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10 Secrets to Changing Trajectory Today

Sometimes you compare where you are with where you want to be and feel defeated. Other times, it feels like your feet are tangled in the sheets.

When dreams are big, progress feels slow.

The feeling of ‘not yet’ and ‘not there’ is normal, even healthy.

It’s always about trajectory.

10 secrets to changing trajectory today:

#1. Reconnect with the dream. Be boldly specific. Go beyond, “I want to make a difference.”

Say, “I want to make a difference by ….”

#2. Get out of the clouds. Accept the waters where you currently sail. Wishing they were different drains you. Don’t beat yourself up and don’t blame others.

Grab the helm and make small adjustments.

#3. The future only changes now. 

Change course today, if you want new results tomorrow.

  1. Who might you reach out to?
  2. What beliefs are holding you back?
  3. What new way of thinking will take you further?
  4. What does winning look like? Momentum is a series of small wins.

#4. Add the word, ‘today’ to conversations with yourself. For example, “What does winning look like, today?”

#5. Let go the past. Success or failure – in the past – isn’t the issue.

Trajectory only changes when you stop following yesterday’s course.

#6. Start again.

Those who can’t start again land in the wrong place.

Forgive disappointments. Praise imperfect progress.

#7. Celebrate supporters.

#8. Ask yourself, “What will I do about that,” every time you attack yourself or complain about others.

#9. Eliminate an ineffective practice.

It takes more courage to stop than it does to start.

#10. Go to bed wondering, “What might I do tomorrow that takes my leadership where I want it to go?”

How might leaders change trajectory today?

Which one of the ten ideas seems most helpful for changing trajectory today? Why?

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