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The 10 Strategies of Obnoxious Leaders

Don’t expect the people you complain about to follow you. You aren’t worthy of leadership, if you can’t pull-with people.

The future is built on aspiration, not frustration.

Persistent frustration makes you obnoxious. Complaining points out deficiencies, inadequacies, and shortcomings, without offering solutions. 

The 10 strategies of obnoxious leaders:

  1. Focus on the short-game. Judge projects and people only by recent performance. “You’re only as good as your last success,” is short-sighted bull crap.
  2. Minimize responsibility to others. Maximize their responsibility to you.
  3. Compete-with rather than pull-for.
  4. Begin with what’s wrong and what won’t work. Imagination asks, “How might this work?” Spend most of your time preventing things.
  5. View everything through your viewpoint.
  6. Don’t ask for input or feedback.
  7. Withhold gratitude. Ungratefulness is ugly.
  8. Tell people how to do their jobs.
  9. Act like you’re the center of the universe.
  10. Feel entitled. Make others earn respect, but believe you’re entitled to it.

Successful leaders pull-with and pull-for teammates. Pushing-against distracts energy, focus, and progress. You can’t push-against and pull-with at the same time.

Leadership is inspiring people to do things they love in ways that advance organizations.

Successful leaders pull-with:

Curiosity expresses interest in pulling-with.

Questions indicate leadership’s desire to pull-with teammates. 

  1. What are you good at? How might that add value to our organization? Where might your talent fill a gap, meet a need, or build capacity?
  2. What do you enjoy doing? How might you view work through the lens of enjoyment?
  3. What skills do you hope to develop? What’s important about those skills? How might you add value by developing those skills?

First questions are a beginning. Embrace the power of second and third questions to establish connection,  ignite insight, and produce results.

The people you pull-with end up pulling you.

Inspiration fuels energy. Motivation, in the traditional sense, is manipulation.

Which obnoxious behaviors most irritate you?

How might leaders express a “pull-with” approach?

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