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3 Ways to Ignite Profound Commitment

The difference between compliance and commitment is relationship.

Compliance is forced. Commitment is given.

“If you want people to be committed, commit to them.” Dee Ann Turner, VP of Corporate Talent at Chic-fil-A, author of, “It’s My Pleasure.”

3 ways to ignite profound commitment:

#1. Care. If you don’t care about people, get out of leadership now. Leaders navigate tensions between getting results and building relationships. Really, there is no tension. Achieve results through relationships.

Invite people to commit. Don’t pressure them.

#2. Commit to people. Successful leaders are goal driven. The downside of being goal driven is walking over people in the pursuit of goals.

Adopt people goals as well as result goals.

#3. Bring benefit. Help people reach their goals.

Build deep commitments by aligning personal and organizational goals. Full alignment results in profound commitment.

Dee Ann Turner in her own words (2:35):

Generosity of spirit:

We don’t commit to scroogie leaders, we comply.

Generosity of spirit invites commitment.

Remarkable leaders are generous in spirit and tenacious in will. Tenacity and generosity protect each other. Tenacity without generosity makes you a bulldozer. Generosity without tenacity makes you a pushover.

Open hearted tenacity makes you remarkable.

How might you open your heart today?

How might you bring benefit to your teammates today?

Connect with Dee Ann:

Twitter: @DeeAnnTurner



Purchase, “It’s My Pleasure.”

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