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Four Ways to Unleash the Power in Others

Weak teams waste resources, distract organizations, and hobble progress. It drives leaders crazy.

Lousy leaders promote and protect their own power. Unfortunately, power-hungry leaders need others to feel weak.

Elevate your power by unleashing the power in others.

Ego dis-empowers others.

The real issue for those who aspire to lead successfully is the way you pursue success. Don’t suppress your passion to be remarkable. 

Channel your passion for remarkable leadership into unleashing the power in others.

Wide influence – that produces deep results – always unleashes the power in people.

You become great as you make others feel powerful.

Four ways to unleash the power in others:

  1. Don’t compete, compare, or out-do. The best way to suppress another’s power is to be in competition with them. Pull with, not against.
  2. Turn “don’t wants” into “do wants.” Aspirations often begin with negatives. The powerless complain and fight against. Powerful people fight for. Uncover “do wants” by exploring “don’t wants.”
    • What should be better? Why?
    • What frustrates you?
    • What do your frustrations tell you about your aspirations?
    • How would things be better if you achieved your aspirations?
  3. Power comes from stepping out. Inaction makes you weak. You give power to others when you help them take action.
    • Who do you aspire to become?
    • What do you aspire to accomplish? Why?
    • What steps have you already taken?
    • What have you learned about yourself?
    • What are some options for next steps?
    • Which option would you like to try?
    • When will we meet next?
  4. Create safety nets. People step out when they believe you’ll support them if they fail.
    • Ask, “What makes you feel safe enough to take the next step?”
    • Provide resources and training.
    • Schedule follow-up meetings.
    • Gradually pull away, but remain accessible.

Elevate the power of others by helping them embrace their passion, potential, and immediate opportunities.

What do leaders do that dis-empowers others?

How might leaders unleash the power in others?

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