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The Pause that Refreshes

Busyness causes blindness and amnesia. You can become so busy that you lose sight of what you’re doing and forget why it matters.

Immersion without reflection produces frustration.

The pause that refreshes:

A small pause goes a long way to refresh memory and clear vision. Reflect on relationships that have enriched your life and molded your character.

You are who you are in large part because of relationships.

Write several names down. Include teachers, current or former bosses, parents, friends, or employees. Don’t forget those who challenged or corrected you.

Apart from a pause to reflect, you’ll get lost in problems and distracted by results. If you aren’t careful, you’ll define yourself by what you do, rather than who you are.

Choose five people from your list. Pick up the phone and tell one of them how you’re better because of them. Be specific. Tomorrow choose another from the list and so on.

Five small pauses this week will refresh your attitude and expand your perceptive. 

Who has sharpened you? How?

What behaviors enrich others?

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