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Those Who Talk the Most Learn the Most

Ken Blanchard jolted my thinking when he said, “Those who talk the most learn the most.” (Spoken at the World LEADERS Group.)

I immediately thought you must listen in order to learn.

It didn’t take long for me to catch up with Ken’s statement. You need to listen, but you also need to talk.

We learn when we listen and we learn when we talk. 

Talking is learning.

Talking to learn:

  1. Help people talk by listening as they explore ideas and options.
  2. Talk to people who allow you to take things back. Allow others to take things back, if you expect them to speak boldly.
  3. Say, “I hear you saying….” Restate.
  4. Tell others what you’re learning. In the telling, you’ll learn more.
  5. Tell others what you think you know. In the telling, you’ll realize you don’t know as much as you think.
  6. Preparing to talk is learning. Give young leaders opportunity to talk, both in private and public. 

Talking as development:

The great goal of leadership is the birth and growth of new leaders. Develop new leaders by encouraging them to talk.

Coaching includes helping others learn through talking.

Don’t be quick to correct or instruct. Avoid jumping to conclusions. Allow teammates to learn while they talk.

Be an audience for words. Words in your head sound different when spoken. What seems right may end up wrong. What feels silly might be wise.

Helping people talk is one way to advance their development.

When might talking hinder learning?

How might leaders use talking to enhance learning?

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