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5 Practices of Go-Giver Leaders

Begin every interaction by asking yourself, “How might I give, rather than how can I take?”

Teams build protective barriers against taking-leaders, but giving-leaders connect.

5 practices of Go-Giver Leaders*:

  1. Don’t get it backwards: don’t start thinking you’re the deal.
  2. Great leadership is never about the leader.
  3. Great leadership is about holding people up.
  4. The best way to increase your influence is to give it away.
  5. The more you give, the more you have.

I asked Bob Burg, co-author with John David Mann of, “The Go-Giver Leader,” what to look for in a leader. Among other things, he said, “Listen for ‘we’ language.”

Go-Giver leaders build strong relationships.

Go-Giver Leader as relationship builder:

#1. It’s about others, not you.

“After competence and character, Go-Giver Leaders know it’s all about others.” Bob Burg

Go-Giver Leaders know the classic tension between results and relationships is resolved by achieving results through relationships. It’s not only possible to build strong relationship with teammates, it’s necessary.

#2. Over-come nervousness.

Don’t be nervous about building relationships with your teammates. “When we can focus on the value we bring to this other person, we become less concerned with ourselves.” Bob Burg

#3. Let go the idea that you already understand.

“Go-Giver Leaders take responsibility to understand where others are coming from and clarify where they are coming from.” Bob Burg

In order to build strong relationships, “Understand that you might not know where people are coming from. Stay open to the possibility that you don’t know what you think you know.”

Bob reminded me of a famous Mark Twain quote. “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

Favorite quotes:

“You can lead only as far as you grow.”

Clip from my interview with Bob:

Giving Leadership:

What comes to mind when you read the phrase, “Go-Giver Leader?”

How might leaders move toward becoming Go-Giver Leaders?

*This post is based on my conversation with Bob Burg, co-author with John David Mann of, “The Go-Giver Leader.” (Previously published as It’s Not About You.)

Follow Bob on twitter: @BobBurg

Bob’s Website: The Go-Giver

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