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10 Strategies that Re-energize Demoralized Teams

Layoffs, complaints, stress, cutbacks, unrealistic expectations, shortfalls, and more, demoralize teams.


10 Strategies that Re-energize Demoralized teams:

#1. Complain a little and move on. “We’ve talked about this the last three times we met. How might we move on?”

#2. Become an artist. Paint a picture of a vibrant environment.

#3. Get amnesia. Forget about things you can’t control. It’s frustrating and draining when we try to control things out of our control.

#4. Put on an apron. Turn outward. Choose a community service project.

#5. Drop anchor over purpose. When storms blow in, purpose fuels grit. Why did we get into this work in the first place?

#6. Lace up your walking shoes. Go on walkabouts.

Even though things might be bad, you can still care about the person sitting next to you.

#7. Fuel up true believers. It’s easy to forget about small points of light and focus on critics and complainers.

#8. Get your gab on. Tough times are worse when information is scarce. Tell everyone everything you can.

A series of brief conversations has more impact than one long talk.

#9. Deal with naysayers in private. Don’t correct the whole team when the darkness centers on a few.

#10. Look in the mirror. Tell your team how you want to show up. Ask them to hold you to it.

What should leaders avoid when their teams are demoralized?

What strategies energize demoralized teams?


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