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Cracking the Doer-Dreamer-Feeler Code

Everyone is primarily a doer, dreamer, or feeler.

Everyone is all three, but you’re great in one area, average in another, and weak in the third.


Choose your primary lens. Dream, doer, or feeler? There are only two options after that. Suppose you’re a dreamer. You are either a:


I’m a dreamer-feeler-doer. My primary lens is the future. Doers and feelers expand my leadership. Dreamers energize me.

Dreamers nudge people to try new things and learn as they go. Anyone who has ever worked with me experiences the nudge. To be honest, I can be pushy.

The person at the other end:

I can’t understand the preference for planning over spontaneity or feelings over progress. “Let’s get started and learn as we go.”

Sometimes I partner with Bob Hancox to train coaches. He is a feeler-doer-dreamer. We had an opportunity to train a group of coaches in Europe and the Middle East via video conference. Bob was against it.

Bob said training coaches is done in person. You need to get a feel for the room. “How can they connect with each other?”

Not surprisingly, I moved forward without him. I told the client it was a new technique for me. We launched and built the plane in the air. It worked great.

Since then, Bob started delivering training via video conference. He needed a nudge to try something new. Student assessments are just as high via video conference as they are when everyone is in the room.

Note: Bob frequently ‘nudges’ me. But not like I nudge him. That’s the beauty of listening to the person at the other end of the spectrum.

Timing and context:

What is your primary motivation? Doer, dreamer, or feeler?

What characteristics do you see in doers, dreamers, or feelers?


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