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5 Ways to Live Your Life Up The Mood Elevator

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Life works when we are on the higher floors of The Mood Elevator like curious, resourceful and grateful.

Life doesn’t go as well when we are on the lower floors like worried, insecure and depressed.

Here are 5 ways you can spend more time toward the top of the Mood Elevator and limit the damage you do to yourself and others when you drop down to the lower floors. (see image below)

  1. Take better care of yourself. Life always looks better after a good night’s sleep or a great workout and shower. We catch colds more easily when we are run down, we catch moods more easily when we not are at our best physically too.
  2. Hang around people who tend to live life on the higher floors. Moods are contagious. Ditch friends or minimize time with those who have gotten off the elevator, moved in and furnished lower floors like irritated, judgmental, blaming and complaining.
  3. Try a “pattern interrupt”. Our thinking creates our mood – worried thinking creates worried feelings. Thus, if you can change your thinking it will change your feelings. Take a walk, call a friend, get lost in book – whatever works for you.
  4. Count your blessings daily. Gratitude is the express button on the Mood Elevator. Practice being grateful for even the smallest things like a good meal or a hug from a loved one.
  5. Proceed with caution when on the lower floors. Your thinking is almost always unreliable. This is what happens when you say something you wish you could take back or when you send a rude email.

Living up the Mood Elevator isn’t just about feeling good.  Our thinking is clearer and wiser and we are more successful too.

Larry Senn:

Dr. Larry Senn is often called the “father of corporate culture,” due in large part to his 1970 doctoral dissertation. In 1978, he founded Senn Delaney, the culture shaping unit of Heidrick & Struggles, and has led culture-shaping engagements for dozens of Fortune 500 companies, members of two U.S. president’s cabinets, and major universities. Senn shares his insight as a keynote speaker and through his writings. His newest book is The Mood Elevator (August 2017).

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