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MADE for AMAZING: Finding Your Song in Work and Life

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“Most of us go to our graves with our song still inside us, unplayed.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

You have a song to sing to the world; this song is the essence of who you really are. However, if you are like most people, you find it extremely difficult to tune in to your one-of-a kind melody. Precious hints of your inner music are all-too-frequently drowned out by the routines of daily existence and constant trade-offs.

How can you discover your song, develop it, and share it more purposefully to inspire others? One way to do this is through a personal “soundcheck.”

Think of it in terms of a music group. Bands always do a soundcheck before a performance, when the stage is set, audio-visual systems are tested, band members check their instruments, and the group confirms everything is optimized for the show.  

In finding your unique song, and tuning your life for success, you can perform your own “soundcheck” to determine how ‘concert-ready’ you are.

  1. Check your Heart. Are you in tune?
  2. Check your Motivations. Are they pure, and others-focused?
  3. Check your Health. Are you well-balanced?
  4. Check your Instrument. How well are you playing? Is it the best instrument?
  5. Check your Band. Have you joined up with the right group?
  6. Check your Song List. Are you playing music that resonates strongly with others?
  7. Check your Audio-Visual Output. How clearly are you amplifying your message?

You are created for great works that have already been planned for you. Don’t die with your best songs still locked inside you! Choose this day to check yourself, then sing with all your mind, heart and strength while the stage is yours.

When you prepare well, develop balance, focus on others, remain present in the moment, tune in, and—above all things, believe—the music will come to you.

And, when it does, it will be AMAZING.

About Mark Nation

Mark Nation is a globally-recognized management expert, leadership consultant, executive coach, author, and speaker with an MBA from Harvard Business School. He is the founder and president of Nation Leadership, and the Made for Amazing Project. He is the author of, Made for Amazing: An Instrumental Journey of Authentic Leadership Transformation

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