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12 Questions that Make you Look Like a Genius During Job Interviews

The questions you ask reveal your concerns, values, aspirations, and priorities.

The questions you ask reflect who you are.

No questions indicate:

  1. Low engagement.
  2. Inactive brains.
  3. Fear of looking dumb.
  4. Lack of aspiration.
  5. The belief that you already know.

12 Questions that make you look like a genius during job interviews:

  1. What new challenges/opportunities is your organization facing over the next year or two?
  2. How might (insert the position you’re applying for) have positive impact on these new challenges/opportunities?
  3. Imagine that you hire me and a year has passed. Things worked out better than you imagined. “What three things did I do that made you really glad you hired me?”
  4. A year from now you’re saying to yourself, “I’m really sad we hired the person we chose. What three things did that person do that made you sad you hired him?”
  5. If you could improve three things about your organization what would you improve?
  6. When you think of your organization, what fills you with gratitude? Optimism? Concern?
  7. Who is currently making important contributions to your organization? What qualities do they have that are adding such value?
  8. Who has gotten ahead in your organization? To what do you attribute their advancement?
  9. What three things differentiate people who are really great in this organization – from those who are simply good?
  10. What does success look like in this position?
  11. What three challenges/opportunities will the person who earns this position face in the first year?
  12. What do you enjoy about your job? (Learn about the person giving the interview.)

Leaderly questions are above all forward-facing. Leaders think more about where they are going than where they have been.

What questions would you add to the above 12?

Which of the above questions seem most useful? Why?

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