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How to Tap Into Enthusiasm Even When Work Sucks

Attitude is a decision about the way you show up.

You might not be able to control your environment, but attitude is a choice.


I’ll never forget the guy with his hat pulled down over his eyes. He was forced to attend a workshop I gave and he hated being there.

During a break I asked him what he did at work. He grumbled, “I don’t want to talk about work,” and walked away.

He polluted everyone he touched. Others avoided him.

A bad attitude ruins your life and results in mediocre work.


Originally enthusiasm meant possessed by god. Bring your whole self to work, even when you’re doing things you don’t enjoy.

Do your work like you’re possessed.


  1. Expresses your passion for success.
  2. Enables you to act creatively in situations that drain others.
  3. Indicates the work is important, even if it isn’t your favorite thing to do.
  4. Demonstrates that you bring your best self to every situation and task. Half-hearted performance is fully dissatisfying.
  5. Signals that you like to get things done. If it’s not your favorite thing, why drag it out. Get it done so you can do things you enjoy.
  6. Earns you the right to ask others to do things that they don’t love to do.
  7. Shows that you’re willing to serve, even when it isn’t fun.

There’s nothing useful or beneficial about bringing half yourself to work.

You’ll never earn the right to do the fun work, if you always bitch when you do the sucky work.

How might leaders embrace and encourage enthusiasm at work?

What’s dangerous about enthusiasm?

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