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15 Questions that Invent the Future

Progress is the answer to a question.

If you feel stuck, you have aspiration without progress. But the right question re-ignites forward movement.

If you want to invent the future, you must first ask about it.

15 questions that invent the future:

  1. What strengths do you have that seem most useful right now? How might you leverage one of those strengths today?
  2. Imagine you’re making progress. What are YOU doing? Go do that.
  3. What conversation might help you discover new opportunities? Who could have that conversation with you this week?
  4. Imagine you make little progress this year. What didn’t you do that caused lack of progress?
  5. What personal challenges might emerge as you move forward? How will you respond to those challenges?
  6. How might you nudge the agenda forward today?
  7. What would it take to instigate change on just one front?
  8. What could happen that would enable you to feel fully engaged and energized about (your specific situation)?
  9. What’s possible now and what’s important to you about that? (Move away from, “What’s wrong and who did it?”)
  10. What small action might you take today to step toward your goal?
  11. What’s important right now?
  12. If you couldn’t fail, what bold step might you take next?
  13. How will it feel if you make good progress this week? What’s next?
  14. Who might support you as you move forward? How?
  15. What could you do today that might have the biggest impact on reaching your goal?


Leaders lift people out of the weeds and help them see the future.

Just show up and ask one of the above future-building questions. Call it a future-building walk-about.

The most disappointing leaders are know-it-alls who don’t ask questions.

Which of the above questions might best instigate forward movement?

What questions help leaders create the future?


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