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Bacon Inspires Boldness and Makes Things Better

I don’t know who looked at pig belly and said, “Lets rub that with salt, fry it, and eat it,” but I’m thankful. Maybe it was the same person who said, “You can eat those brown things that drop out of chickens.”


Bacon’s history dates back thousands of years to 1500 B.C. The Chinese cured pork bellies with salt, creating an early form of bacon….” (Bacon Scout)

I love the Chinese.


Bacon makes everything better.

Would you prefer broccoli cheddar quiche or broccoli cheddar BACON quiche? I rest my case! Frankly, I don’t know what broccoli is doing in there in the first place.

Macaroni and cheese is good. Mac and cheese AND bacon is better.

Dates are good. Dates wrapped with bacon are better.

Hamburgers are good. Hamburgers with bacon are better.

Be like bacon. Make everything better.

If you’re NOT a leader, start making things better and you’ll get a chance to lead.

Confusion, faultfinding, and tearing down aren’t leadership talents. But noticing strength, creating clarity, and building-up are.


Bacon inspires boldness. Forget about using carrots to motivate. I’ll do anything for bacon.

I’m not a fan of green food, but I’d try bacon braised greens.

I read a frittata recipe that included butternut squash, bacon, kale, and goat cheese. Any frittata with bacon is worth a try. Remove the bacon and I’m out. (Don’t you love how “frittata” rolls off the tongue?)

Be like bacon. Inspire boldness.

Making people timid isn’t a leadership talent. What takes teams farther? Timidity or boldness?

Show up today to make something better.

Show up today to inspire boldness.

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