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Two Cures for Novice-Arrogance

A first-time manager knows about management like a single person knows about marriage.

A novice-manager understands managing like a couple without children understands raising children.

DOING explodes the myth of perceived knowledge.

Knowing ABOUT is only a shadow of the real substance of practical know-how.


Theory and practice:

Theory is easier than practice.

Everything seems easier than it is – until you actually do it.

It’s funny that the people DOING the job “know less” than the geniuses who aren’t doing the job. (Sarcasm intended.)

You might know how to do the job, but you don’t know what it’s like to do the job until you DO it. Even then, you don’t know what it’s like for someone else to do the job.

Learn humility:

The ability to learn from imperfect others is a gift of humility.

Novice-arrogance is eliminated with experience. Humility results from exploding the myth of perceived knowledge.

Children learn to respect their parents after they have their own children.

With humility comes respect.

Experienced managers respect managers who have more years of experience under their belts. (Even if they’re imperfect.)

Humility for novices:

#1. Respect the frustrations people feel, even if their frustrations aren’t your frustrations.

Empathy understands how others feel by tapping into shared emotion, even when experiences differ.

You know what frustration feels like, even if you don’t experience the type of frustration others experience.

#2. Respect the challenges people feel, even if their challenges aren’t yours.

Don’t speak down to people because you think you know what it’s like to do a job you aren’t doing.

Don’t minimize another’s challenges when the challenges they face are easy for you. It might be easy for you to speak in public. That doesn’t mean it’s easy for others.

Novices underestimate difficulties and over-simplify complexities.

How might first-time managers overcome the challenge of novice-arrogance?

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