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Tin Rhythms from Tiny Hearts: Boldness to Lead with Empathy

Some complain they aren’t supported and others find ways to serve.

Some wait for people to care for them and some choose to care for others.

There are two buckets and you are in one.

Bucket number one is filled with tiny hearts that quiver with tin rhythms. Bucket number two is filled with generous hearts beating with bold rhythms.

Tiny hearts:

  1. Can’t show appreciation until they receive appreciation. “No one appreciates me.”
  2. Resent those who have what they desire. “Why is she successful when I work so hard?”
  3. Drift in the shadows waiting to be noticed and complain when they aren’t. “No one cares for me.”

Tiny hearts are self-conscious but not self-aware.

Fear makes you self-conscious. You’re afraid of being disrespected and unappreciated. But a tiny heart denies its need for appreciation and respect.

Self-conscious people can’t show empathy.

Bold rhythms:

Someone said, “There are two types of people in the world. Those who put people into two categories and those who don’t.”

The two-bucket theory is wrong. You have a tiny heart AND a bold heart.

I see a bold heart beating alongside my tiny heart.

Every day I choose to live with fear or boldness. My tiny heart needs to be noticed. But my bold heart notices others.

My quivering heart says appreciate me. My bold heart tells me to appreciate others.

Your bold heart gives what your tiny heart needs.


Disruption and adversity teach you the audacity of leading with an open heart.

You learn empathy by connecting personal need with the need of others. You feel under-appreciated; others need recognition.

Your tiny heart teaches you empathy.

You understand others by understanding yourself.

Every morning you face the choice between tin rhythms and boldness.

Bold rhythms turn outward. Tin rhythms quiver.

Warning: Giving for the purpose of getting is manipulation.

How might leaders rise to boldness and empathy?

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