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A Moral Dilemma at Dunkin

We stop at Dunkin when we travel, but with COVID the restrooms are closed and drive-thru is the only option.

The line was out in traffic, but we stopped anyway.

Mrs. Leadership Freak was driving. You should know that she’s the cautious one. Waiting on the highway set her on edge.

Cheating interlopers:

It felt good to pull off the highway, but our ease quickly vanished. Three cheating interlopers had entered the Dunkin lot from a side entrance.

They’d skipped the proper drive-thru line and were hoping to enter our line – ahead of us. Over my dead body!

Moral dilemma:

Do you have a high sense of fair play?

The car in front of us let one of the cheaters in! This created a moral dilemma.

You should know that we had labeled the cheating interlopers with a word that has something to do with donkeys and holes.

Jokingly, I said to Mrs. Leadership Freak, “It would be the ‘Christian’ thing to let the next cheater in.” I secretly hoped that she was NOT interested in the ‘Christian’ thing.

Who cares about the ‘Christian’ thing when fair play is at work.


Believe it or not, my driver – she ceased being my lovely wife at this moment – paused and smiled at the cheating interloper. The donkey pulled in front of the ‘good’ people.

We ordered one pumpkin muffin and one multi-grain bagel and pulled to the window behind the cheater. But things went from bad to worse.

Bad to worse:

That donkey paid for our order!

Two things went through my mind. I should have ordered more. And maybe the donkey comment was a little harsh.

Perhaps kindness might be a little more than fair play.


Should we have let the donkey in the line? Would you?

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