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Why Serve Employees When 47% are Thinking About Quitting Right Now

47% of workers are thinking about quitting right now.*

Why expend time and resources serving people if they’re going to move on in 4 years?

#1. Turnover stings:

The only time turnover doesn’t sting is when you’re glad to see them go.

The people on your team today won’t likely be on your team in the future.

The median number of years that wage and salary workers had been with their current employer was 4.1 years in January 2020.

The median tenure of workers ages 25 to 34 is 2.8 years. Older workers (55 to 64 years of age) tend to stay almost 10 years. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Frustration with turnover tends to close your heart and weaken your commitment to develop people.

#2. Leadership is about the people:

People reflect the greatest opportunity of leadership, even though they tend to leave. The joys and pains of leadership usually trace back to people.

Your greatest contribution is connecting, developing, and advancing people. But daily hustle obscures leadership’s greatest contribution.

One survey showed that 58% of young employees planned to change jobs last year. Why? They were looking for learning and development.

Retention and development walk the same path.

Be resolved – not discouraged – when you realize how quickly people change jobs.

Resolve to develop relationships even if they’re short-lived.

Commit to develop people even if it’s likely they’ll move on.

Build relationships and develop people because it reflects who you are.

When someone moves on, celebrate their move even if you’re sad to see them go.

The person walking out the door is an advertisement for future team members.

The way you treat people who leave reveals the sincerity of your commitment to serve people.

Serve the best interest of everyone on the team even though some choose to find other employment.

How might leaders find the inner strength to serve employees who will likely move to new jobs?

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*47% of Workers are Thinking about Quitting Right Now (CNBC)

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