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7 Things my Imperfect Boss Did Right and You Can Too

You can do many things wrong if you do a few important things right.

The boss you don’t want to be:

  1. The paranoid boss that fears what others are saying about her. She turns co-workers and team members into adversaries and enemies.
  2. The political boss that can’t make tough decisions. You can’t go all-in on half-way decisions.
  3. The loudmouth boss that intimidates everyone. It’s her way or the highway. You conform but don’t bring your best.
  4. The talkative boss that adores his own voice. He never listens so he never learns.

7 things my imperfect boss did right:

I worked for a larger than life leader with many imperfections. I loved him because he was real.

#1. You knew what he thought, and where you stood.

“The biggest cowards are managers who don’t let people know where they stand.” Jack Welch

#2. He provided opportunities to grow and showed you how to be better – in no uncertain terms.

Not everyone could tolerate his candor, but it made me better.

Avoid ruinous empathy.

#3. He expected performance AND got dirty with you.

#4. He bought lunch.

Generosity strengthens relationships and builds trust.

#5. He was loud AND caring.

He was intimidating, but his big heart made up for it.

A warm heart overcomes many faults.

If you’re imperfect, at least be caring.

#6. He got to know people. He visited my home and knew my family.

#7. He honored quality work.

I wanted to do good because he respected good work and let me know.

Don’t strive to be the perfect boss. Strive to give your best and true self to your team.

What are some fatal flaws for leaders?

What helps leaders overcome their imperfections?

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