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Rethink Your New Year’s Resolution Before it’s too Late

You respect yourself less when you break commitments you make to yourself.

New Year’s resolutions seduce us into decisions that undermine self-respect.

Don’t like doesn’t work:

You don’t like your weight. You hate a negative habit. Or the direction of your leadership frustrates you.

Resolutions based on don’t-like and don’t-want doom you to frustration and failure.


Rethink your resolutions before it’s too late.

#1. Not-doing is not the answer.

Talking less helps but won’t lead to success.

Make positive resolutions. Try something like, “This morning I’m going to ask two questions before I make one statement.”

#2. Make a new month resolution.

Shorten New Year’s resolutions by 11 months. Better yet, shorten them by 51 weeks. Make a new week’s resolution. Or a new day’s resolution.

It’s profane to think you will successfully do something for a year that you didn’t enjoy doing last year.

Set yourself up for success. A one-day goal – that you keep – is better than a one-week goal that lasts a day.

#3. Go exceedingly small.

Capitalize on the power of small successes by setting ridiculously small goals. Stephen Guise challenges people to do one pushup a day for a year. Now that’s a resolution you can keep.

#4. Set it and forget it.

Of course, you want to succeed, but don’t focus on success. Focus on daily actions.

The coach who won 10 NCAA National Championships in 12 years never talked about winning. (John Wooden)

Coach Wooden said, “We should never focus on the outcome, but on the activity itself.”

#5. Establish triggers.

What suggestions do you have for enhancing success in a new year?

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